Grant Applicants

We appreciate your submittal of a grant request to the Horne Family Foundation.
Please review our qualification criteria to determine whether your organization may potentially receive a grant.

Grant Requirements 

Tax Identification Number

Your organization needs to have a tax identification number to be considered for a grant.  Only organizations that have federal non-profit agency tax status can receive financial support from our Foundation.

Areas of Interest

As of the 2017 funding period, we have refined our mission to enable us to grant requests that are most closely aligned with the core values of the foundation:  Conservation of Land and Wildlife, Human Services, and Animal Welfare. Please note, we are no longer accepting applications for Education, Healthcare, or the Arts.

Types of Funding

Recognizing that the organizational infrastructure is a necessity, the Foundation welcomes requests for general operating support and efforts designed to increase organizational capacity.  We also encourage requests for specific program initiatives or improvements. The foundation does not accept requests for capital campaigns or expenditures relating to construction and other infrastructure improvements.

Geographic Focus

The Foundation distributes regional grants in Massachusetts’ Greater Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire and on a national basis. While our primary interests are with regard to our regional and national focus, we will extend support to international initiatives as it specifically relates to disaster relief for people and animals and species preservation on the African continent. 

Grant Size

Grants range in size from $5,000 to $25,000.

Submission Deadlines 

The deadlines for submittal are March 31st and September 30th.  The foundation will notify applicants by May 31st for those proposals received after September 30th and before March 31st, and by November 30th for proposals received after March 31st and before September 30th.  The Foundation will review only one proposal per year per organization.  The Foundation requires that an organization that receives funding for two successive years take a one-year hiatus before reapplying.

Submission Guidelines

The Foundation wishes to save paper and help to preserve our environment, so whenever possible, please submit your requests electronically.

Our Considerations When Reviewing Proposals

  1. Alignment with the mission and interests of the Foundation.
  2. Clearly presented organization mission, goals, plans and financials.
  3. Exhibit commitment to engage the community and/or participants in program development.
  4. Current IRS determination letter clarifying applicant’s 501 (c)(3) status.

What to include in your proposal

The Foundation prefers applications that are brief, concise and consistent with the mission and values of the Foundation. A PDF file of the application is available and can be downloaded above.